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Engineered Solutions, R&D, Quality, Experience, Excellence, since 1962 for Food, Chemical and Pharmaceutical Industry

Some moments in Criofarma's history

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Select the topic of your interest, you will discover something more about Criofarma Lyophilizer Manufacturer Turin Italy

In activities since January 1962

Numbers of equipments installed 1736

The longest-running Freeze Dryers in activity:from 1965

our solutions are present in 30 countries

Da maggio a novembre 2017 la CRIOFARMA è' presente alla Biennale di VENEZIA come Sponsor Tecnico nello stand dell'artista Roberto Cuoghi nel padiglione Italia

From May to November 2017 CRIOFARMA is present at the Biennale di VENEZIA as a Technical Sponsor in the stand of the artist Roberto Cuoghi in the Italian pavilion

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